Birthday Plans

Last year when I turned thirty, so many people reached out to offer advice, wish me well, make “old lady” jokes, and of course make the inevitable and overly intrusive comments about my biological clock. (Who knew that I knew so many faux gynecologists?) *Insert eye roll*  The interesting thing was that I did not see thirty as some sort of daunting age in which I looked back on all I did not accomplish in my twenties. I had a really good time in my twenties, so for me thirty just seemed like a moment to pause, reassess and move forward. When I turned thirty, I decided to not focus on setting outrageous deadlines for myself, but instead to focus on what makes me happy. I began to be very intentional about the things and people that surrounded me. If it did not bring me joy, remove it. It’s amazing how much good energy begins to reveal itself once you rid yourself of all the toxicity found in things and various relationships.

As I turn 31 today, I am not sure that all I want to accomplish this year will be 100% achievable, and I am ok with that. What I know for sure (as Mama Oprah would say) is that I plan to continue valuing my relationships, invest/carve out time for myself and to have as much fun as possible along the way.

I hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a lovely start- I’m off to go enjoy the best part of birthdays which is all of the sweets!

Chardae Adams