Desert Vibes

New Year’s Eve- my favorite time of year, from the crispness in the air to the glitzy outfits, in my mind this day has always served as the kick off to my birthday countdown. I was so excited for my birthday this year, because I turned thirty! I had so many plans for what I wanted this year to look like, both personally and professionally. Per usual, I made several plans for the year, but a series of events immediately cut my January-high short and left me feeling uninspired and a bit untethered.

As I look back on this challenging year so far, I am noticing a shift in my priorities. I have begun placing a higher value on what brings me joy. My circle has definitely gotten smaller, but the people that are a part of it are the ones that make me laugh when I am having an awful day, allow me the space to cry when everything seems to be falling apart, and lift me up when I need encouragement. It is very important, especially with so much outside negativity to really nurture your relationships. A few months ago, I made the decision to start being intentional about who and what I allow into my life. I had become so consumed with the day to day that I was not enjoying myself. I knew that I needed to be inspired again, I needed to reconnect with girlfriends, I needed to stop working 7 days a week and take some time to enjoy this thirtieth year. I needed to get the heck out of the city!

Since I am currently in the middle of a love affair with the west coast, this need to get out of NYC and completely unwind landed me and my girls in the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree area.  We were all in need of a reset.

We drove through the desert talking about any and everything, blasting music from 90s bad pop when our Spotify signal dropped to Jill Scott to trap music, we had no real itinerary just living and enjoying being carefree black women.


Quick Tips!

I have traveled with all types of people, but assembling the right group for a road trip is vital to how much fun you will have. Here is what I believe you definitely need for the trip to be a success:


1)   Everyone MUST be able to drive/take turns navigating

2)   Beyoncé *this is non-negotiable

3)   Laughter

4)   A good mix of playlists

5)   Wine & Snacks

6)   Open Skies

7)   Camera


enjoy a little peak inside our trip.