Wrap Style

There was a time when I would never wear my headwraps outside of my house. This is partially because many of them were so old and worn that it’s a little embarrassing, and the other part is because people would always stare. Never one to shy away from a good pattern, one of the first times I wore one of my printed headwraps outside of the house was at the airport. I had a ungodly early flight (per usual) and I just did not have the energy, nor did I see the point in unwrapping (my then relaxed) hair just to walk through the airport and have to then rewrap my hair on the plane to go back to sleep. While I was in the airport, several women stopped to compliment me on my headwrap. I was a little surprised as this was just some piece of fabric I had lying around that I tied on my head on top of my satin headscarf to keep my hair protected while flying. I was glad that I did not have to undo my hair at security (this has happened before) and happily boarded the flight thinking, more women would wear these, especially when traveling. I jotted down a few quick ideas for headwraps, most importantly that they needed to be dual sided (satin lined) to protect your hair.

Over the past few years, I have accumulated so many scraps of fabric that I started sewing pieces together to make my own makeshift headwraps, all while adding thoughts here and there to those initial notes I took years ago in my phone. I circled back to those notes earlier this year and decided to make a handful of patterned, satin lined headwraps that can be worn from day to night, pieces that are playful and sophisticated, all while keeping your hair protected.

Here are a few reasons I typically wear headwraps:

·      Traveling- who wants to do their hair for a flight?

·      Raining- Rain + Humidity + My Natural Curls = one big frizzy mess

·      Deep Conditioning- I never give myself enough time to wash my hair

·      Accessorizing- Adds an interesting pop of color to any outfit + it’s a great stand in for a hat


I have developed a small collection of headwraps that will be on sale very soon (pre-order November 7th!!!), but for now I hope you enjoy this peek at a super fun photoshoot I did with local Houston photographer and blogger Tameka Wells around some of Houston’s famous mural walls.


Let me know your favorites in the comments!